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Other repair shops cuts the metal by grinding down wheels to remove scrapes or re machine the bead area to remove the wobble.

SABS builds up, never machines off the metal resulting to the same thickness of the wheel. Wheels are designed with precise tolerances. We do not weaken the strength and compromise the structural integrity of the wheel. Your safety is our utmost concern.

Other shops weld crack on top only showing a big lump.

SABS' filling is 99% fully penetrated so it is smooth without the lump. These also assures no tire imbalance problems. Cracks to the spoke or by the lug area are never welded. We decline repairs if wheels have been tampered with causing more problems or other damages that exceed safety standards.

Other shops use cheap, non comparable weld rods to fix cracks.

SABS, with its expertise in specialty metals, only quality materials in conformity with the composition of the metal are used in the welding process. SABS repair wheels made of aluminum, magnesium, stainless, steel among a few.

Other shops are "fly by night" businesses equipped with only a hammer and a torch. They cause more stress to the wheel by pounding the bent portion and yet claim it repaired. Others repair the visible bent portion but not the wobble.

SABS thoroughly inspects wheels for lateral (side to side) or radial (up & down) pullout. Our expertise in welding assures that enough pressure and heat are simultaneously applied in the straightening process ensuring a structurally sound repair. Vehicles with damaged, distorted wheels develop rattles, annoying vibration, tire wear out & damage to suspension parts.

Other shops spot paint only, or spray over old paint, uses cheap spray cans, do not prep or skips on primers or sealers to refinish wheels.

SABS preps the surface, uses quality paint materials and applies the best primer base. Those that come in with defective or poor paint finish are in most cases stripped or sand blasted. Depending on the original finish, wheels are either powder coated, spray painted, machined, polished and/or clear coated.

Other shops' finish does not match the original color.

SABS' wide color selection in its Computerized Mixing Bank enable us to truly match any factory finishes or customize any shade or color.

Other shops' main business is buying and selling new or used wheels. They do repairs only on the side or send it out somewhere.

SABS' does only straightening and refinishing of wheels. Wheel repair requires special tooling and set skills to be made true within OE specification.