Wheel Repair Testimonials

I've always heard great news about SAB's on other forums, as well.
FISHRFun from StrictlyGS.com

There really good. They have fix 3 of my rims and one was really bad. I would for sure go back.
Fisher Price Power Wheels from StrictlyGS.com

WoOt woOt!! I just got my wheels back from them and HOT DAMN they look brand new! I will definitely go back if I ever have any future curb checks
thenameistuan from StrictlyGS.com

Awesome refinish. Had a rim for a customer refinished and they were able to match the paint perfect! Great job, and quick turn-around (brought in Saturday afternoon, got it back Monday afternoon). Highly recommended!!
Old timer from local.yahoo.com/details?id=25820449

Yeah, I went to SABS who is located near Southwest Infiniti. They get a lot of inquiries from Southwest and other dealers in the area. SABS did a awesome jobs on my wheels. Look amazingly brand new! I was real happy with the service and highly recommend them.
ScoobyUT from G35Driver.com

sabs if by far the best. no other shop really comes that close to their quality.
icemanimports from G35Driver.com

I dealt with Sabs before and they are awesome. They give honest opinions and do great work. I seen their work and they can do pretty much any finish so I recommend you just taking the wheel up there first. : )
Ditoe from G35Driver.com

Sabs did my friends te27's...fixed a bend on one of the wheels and re powder coated all of them. They looked brand new and flawless.
rg3777 from G35Driver.com

I'm gonna try out Sabs, went there after work yesterday and was quoted $99 per wheel after they saw damage. Place looks good, they had alot of nice cars in there (New Lexus ES, New Acura TL, etc, and there were a couple of sets of Volks in there being fixed.
GeauxLadyZ from G35Driver.com

That's what they did at SABS yesterday to get my wheels off. Which, by the way, they did another incredibly amazing job man, wait till you see.
GeauxLadyZ from G35Driver.com

+1 SABS, foo. We all take wheels there. They have fixed 2 sets of wheels for me, perfect every time.
GeauxLadyZ from G35Driver.com

Well just took a visit to Sabs in Houston to put tires on my rims. They've fixed some rims for me before so this was the second time around for me. They did do a great job mounting the tires by not scratching the rims but before they mounted they hit me with some bad news. Told me 3 of the 4 rims were bent so that really sucked but they were able to straighten them right out. A++++ service for Sabs!!!
Ditoe from G35Driver.com

Went to Sabs today...They are gonna fix my ring for $100. It will be ready tomorrow, and I hope it turns out good. I will let everyone know how it turns out. Thanks everyone for the recommendations of where to go.
INSPIRED M3 from Houston-Imports.com

Just got my wheel back, and lemme tell you guys I couldn't be any more happier. The wheel looks like it did when I got them in the box. You can't even tell that there was damage done to it......THANKS SABS
INSPIRED M3 from Houston-Imports.com